Licence For Alterations

Antony Patrick Associates regularly provide guidance to freehold and management companies and individual leaseholders where lessees propose to undertake alterations to their apartment that require a formal licence for alteration.

The level of our involvement will be determined by the individual client, but usually includes an initial due diligence assessment of the lessees application, including the submission of a technical report to the client and legal team outlining recommended information and clauses for inclusion within the formal licence for alteration, and subsequent monitoring of the works as they proceed and sign off of all matters.

Our thorough and rigorous due diligence process ensures that the lessee alterations are completed diligently and helps protect the interests of the freehold and management company.

Antony Patrick Associates is also regularly instructed by clients to assist in the formation of new draft leaseholder guidance relating to tenants' proposals for undertaking alterations, or reviewing and adapting existing documentation to ensure compliance with best practice, regulatory and legislative stipulations.